Boarding Check-in

Pet Information
Check-in Time:
Check-in Out:
A $10 fee applies to pick up/drop off outside designated time frames
Personal Possessions: (Please be sure items are labeled where possible) * We strive to take the best care of personal items you leave with your pet; however, we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.
Feeding/Diet: (Unfortunately, we are unable to feed raw diets.)
Do you add anything to their food to encourage eating
Daily feedings:
(Feedings are 7am and 5:30pm unless otherwise requested)
Do family pets’ need to be separated to eat
My pet is allowed to have treats while boarding
Medical History: Vaccine certificates are required if vaccinations were not given by Rainbow Veterinary Hospital.
Please list any physical limitations, behavioral concerns or other pertinent information we should be aware of:
Medications: Medications must be in their original, labeled vials
Emergency contact this stay:


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